Animated Graphs from 9/11

The data from September 11 2001 show a number of departures from random expectation. Here we present three animated graphs that show the development of various measures over time, along with a "baseline" graph that displays typical random data. It takes a few seconds for the data drawing to begin after the graph frame is presented. The animations were created by Greg Nelson, using Perl scripts and Gifsicle, a powerful Unix/Linux program for manipulating GIF files.

  1. Baseline Random Data. Cumlative deviation with no correlated world events.

  2. Composite Mean of EGGs. Cumulative deviation, September 7 to 15.

  3. Variability of EGGs. Deviation of variance from expectation on 9/11.

  4. Raw Score Deviations. Smoothed composite means across EGGs on 9/11.

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