Deviation of Mean, Sept 7 to Sept 15

The departure from expectation of the GCP data collected on September 11 2001 is striking. The strong and persistent cumulative deviation of the composite mean across the EGGS supports a conclusion that the network responded to the events of that day. Here we present an animated display of the data recorded during nine days surrounding 9/11. You can watch the "random walk" beginning on 7 September and continuing through the 15th. On the 11th, a strong trend begins that lasts for two days before returning to the expected random walk. The slope and duration of that trend are unique in the GCP database.

The version in place has timing set to show the 9-day period in about 20 seconds. But the display will be constrained by the speed of your processor. Use your browser's back and forward buttons to play again. (Note: the animated clock is not exactly synchronized, but the x-axis time labels are correct.)

Author: Greg Nelson, 19 Sept 2003

Cumdev Mean 9/11

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