A total of 1350483 trials resulted in a significant over all deviation in the target direction of +2265. The largest contribution in this effect came from the trials which were fedback to the subjects as can be seen from the table.

Type No.of trials Deviation Z-score p-value
observed in realtime 675241 1535 1.86 0.032
not-observed 417072 22 0.34 ns
observed prerecorded 258170 708 1.39 --

Although the deviation for the prerecorded samples is not significant in itself it contributes to the over-all deviation of 2243 in the target direction for all observed samples (933412, z= 2.32, p<0.01).

The results can also be represented in terms of run-pair scoring. All runs were organized in pairs with one target-direction to the left and one to the right. If we count a pair as a hit if across the two runs there is an excess of samples in the target direction, we get the following result:

Feedback# runpairsHitsMissesRatezp
Real Time 140 86 53 61.4 2.8 0.003
Prerecorded 140 79 61 56.4 1.52 0.071
Total 280 165 114 58.9 3.05 0.0013

Relative effect was largest in the runs of 4 and 6 seconds.

see table 4 in EJP 1-1 pg. 102

Relative effect was largest for the lower sample rate of 100 samples per second.

see table 4 in EJP 1-1 pg. 102

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