While the combined results are only tentative in terms of the confidence with which the null hypothesis can be rejected, they indicate that some condition or process that occurred during the planned time of the global event was correlated with and may have caused a small change in the performance of random event generators set to address this possibility in a pre-planned, multi-laboratory, international study. Other than chance fluctuation as an alternative explanation for the results (which the p-value addresses) other speculative explanations could be advanced. One that may have some merit would attribute the effect to specific intentions on the part of the experimenters or others who knew about the experiment. However, the study was not designed to, nor is it capable of rigorously addressing secondary questions of this nature. The results do confirm the experimental hypothesis, and they replicate findings in related experiments. Together with these they contribute to an impressive body of evidence for an anomalous, direct interaction of human consciousness with physical systems, even though the sources and mechanisms of the interaction remain obscure.