Trudeau Funeral

Mahadeva Srinivasan (Chino) was visiting in Canada and the US, and suggested that the deep impressions generated by the ceremonies for former Canadian Prim Minister Pierre Trudeau might be a global event to which the GCP network would react. He wrote a detailed description of his own impressions, which form the basis of a formal prediction for deviation during the two hour period of the ceremonies. The assessment will use the raw trial data, and the expectation is medium. Here is Chino's description:

... I watched the funeral ceremony for Pierre Trudeau which took 
place in Montreal and shown live on Canadian television this morning 
from 11 am to around 1 pm. It was generally touching. Nobody expected 
the kind of spontaneous outburst of "feeling" and emotional expression 
the way it happened and in such a scale during the past two or three 
days. But the most touching and moving scene during the entire ceremony 
in my opinion was the 10 minute Eulogy given by Trudeau's son Justin 
Trudeau at the end of the funeral ceremony. Justin is probably about 
30 years old , but looks even younger. The boy works as a school 
teacher in Vancouver. He read out from a piece of paper in English and 
French but it was done extremely well. I am sure a few million people 
in Canada must have cried when he ended, for he himself burst into 
tears in front of an audience of may be 20 million Canadians and may 
be more outside Canada where the ceremonies may have been televised 
live. Perhaps it may be worth looking at the response of the GCP EGGS. 
The time was 12.40 pm (day time) and the date was Tuesday 3rd October 
2000. You may scan a 5 or 10 minute interval centered around the 12.40
time mark.

The cumulative deviation trace over the two-hour period shows a strong trend that levels near the end, with the Eulogy by Trudeau's son. The Chisquare for the two-hour period is 7344.7 on 7200 degrees of freedom, with a p-value of 0.114. Trudeau Funeral

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