Interpretations of the September 11 Attacks

I hope to be able soon to put here some useful and reasonable speculative interpretations of the response of the Global Conscious Project eggs to the September 11 Attacks. For the moment, this is a repetition of what is on the main "Terror" page.

One way to think of these startling correlations is to accept the possibility that the instruments have captured the reaction of a global consciousness beginning to form. The network was built to do just that: to see whether we could gather evidence of a communal, shared mind in which we are participants even if we don't know it.

Groups of people, including the group that is the whole world, have a place in consciousness space, and under special circumstances they or we become a new presence. Based on evidence that both individuals and groups manifest something we can tentatively call a consciousness field, we hypothesized that there could be a global consciousness capable of the same thing. Pursuing the speculation, it would seem that the new, integrated mind is just beginning to be active, paying attention only to events that inspire strong coherence of attention and feeling. Perhaps the best image is an infant slowly developing awareness, but already capable of strong emotions in response to the comfort of cuddling or to discomfort and pain.

The hypothesis we set out to test is that the REG devices we use may respond to the concerted effect of large numbers of people turning their attention in one direction, becoming absorbed in the same focus. The terrible events of September 11 were a powerful magnet for our shared attention, and more than any event in the recent memory of the world they evoked the extraordinary emotions of horror and fear and comiseration and dismay.

The EGG network reacted in a powerful confirmation of this hypothesis. More important than any scientific question, however, is the question of meaning. What shall we learn, and what should we do in the face of compelling evidence that there is such a thing as global consciousness? In fact this is not a new question. The results from this scientific study are an apparent manifestation of the ancient idea that we are all interconnected, and that what we think and feel has effects on others, everywhere in the world. The implication of the GCP/EGG data showing a shriek of dismay is in some sense quite obvious. It says that even insensate electronic random generators can see the effects of hatred born of pain and despair. It means that the earth cannot support us in comfort as things now are. It urges a new understanding that we must learn to accept each other and help and support each other, everywhere in the world, if we are to live in peace on this beautiful earth.


Interpretations of the
September 11 Attacks

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