RecpCts is a redrawn plot showing  the excluded events in gray
Recp[2][5]blockstudy are plots that show the effect of blocking on the aggregate Z score.
The study looks at 2 recipes:
Recipe 2 (intra reg blocking) [could also say intra-node blocking. I'm still looking for the right terms to communicate these things clearly and succinctly]
Recipe 5 (inter reg blocking)
For each recipe we look at a range of blockings from 1 sec to 1 hour. (shortest blocking for recipe 2 is 1 minute)
The study also looks at 2 weightings: event and chisqr df
For the event weighting the event Zscores are combined as a Stouffer Z
For the df weighting, the event chisqr for the recipe is summed to give a total chisqr for the event set. This is then converted to a Zscore.
Bty, it's helpful to recall that recipe 5 at 1-sec = our std analysis
Recipe 2 at 1-sec is the device variance
There is much info in these plots so it takes a while to digest.
It's good to keep a broad view and remember that scores less than 1.7 are insignificant.
Thus, the recipe 2 plots are telling us we see nothing interesting happening with this recipe, over the whole set.
There is an interesting issue that I will develop in a few coming plots: the recipe 2 events at 15 min resolution are slightly significant if you look only at those events where you actually used this recipe. When you turned later to using other recipes for events, the events recipe2/15-minutes stopped having a sizeable effect size. In other words, up to about event 39, recipe 2/15-min shows an effect. After that it doesn't. Intereseting coincidence. You can see this if you dig into the plots recipe 2 at 15min and recipe 5 at 1-second, but I'll make it clear in some separate plots. A start is plot "flip 1-2"