Earth Maps and Photos

A Collection via Links

A few more snapshots that appealed to me while poking around the web for global perspectives.

Topography in Winkel projection. An interesting map, with all the earth shown, and the elevations indicated in primary colors.

Shadows show elevations . A map projection, shaded to indicate the terrain.

Colors show earthquake zones. The same projection, but with earthquake information, allowing you to see the plate boundaries.

bathyscape depth map of the oceans. Strange perspective on the earth, acknowledging it is largely covered with water to great depth.

Map of the US. This one is pretty large, 840K, but it is a beautifully detailed topography with the political boundaries shown.

Topology of the Chesapeake Bay. Also large, 490K. This and the next are the detailed 5 degree maps comprising the "tiles" of which the US map above was constructed. It uses color and shading to show the striking vertical contours of the earth, extending to the sea.

Topology of the Hudson Canyon. Large, 508K, and annother interesting look at the "skeleton" of the globe in the neighborhood of New York City. You should be able to recognize Long Island.

meteorlogical satellite images . Large site, with nice look at the "skin condition" of the earth.

24 hr current weather change in Europe. Fairly quick "slideshow" look at the weather moving.

Pretty, false color composites showing weather. One of a variety of images.

Movement of Hurricane Fran. Takes a long time to load.

Various global map images. Lots of depth here.