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Many groups and individuals around the world are working on projects with common aims to those of the GCP. A long annotated list of websites is provided in our Links page. We have more specific ties with a smaller number of groups, directly sharing ideas and technologies. With two others, we have developed a description of our cooperative intentions:

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP), the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) share a common purpose: to extend empirical and theoretical understandings of the subtle interconnections among mind, emotions, body, and environment. This is a multidisciplinary effort at the edges of what is known. By working together and pooling insights and resources we aim to facilitate progress in many aspects of our individual research programs, as well as in direct collaborations.

Beyond the basic scientific work, we are dedicated to translating our findings into applications that enhance personal and social wellbeing, which in turn may lead to enhanced personal and global coherence, and ultimately to facilitating conscious evolution.

Cooperation and collaboration with others doing related work is valuable in many ways, not least as a real manifestation of the symbolic vision we share.

In principle and in practice, people and institutions who support the GCP with donations and grants are essential allies.

  • Our list of donors and contributors is long, and and we are very grateful for this support.

  • Institute of Noetic Sciences, which is our logistical home, and whose research is directly linked to that of the GCP.

  • Common Passion, whose mission is to gather and link the many groups promoting global interconnection. They generously host GCP discussion forums.

  • Global Coherence Initiative, a division of the Heartmath Institute, is building a network similar to the GCP using different instrumentation. A sample of GCP data at GCI shows a moving average of the GCP network variance, with a selectable viewing period from 1 to 28 days

  • Which Lilith, a resource in support of New Science, has created analysis tools for GCP data. They have an extensive research program, New Science News, and a large online New Science library specialized in psi, religion, mythology, ethnology and more.

  • Earthmind Center is a gathering point of people working to focus consciousness on a good future, using the web to promote coherent intent.

  • Tom Atlee expresses with clarity and humility that "Something Bigger than Life is Trying to Work Through Us" in a thoughtful motivation to use our shared consciousness.

We count among our allies also a long and growing list of people and organizations with similar purposes. Some of these are found among the Links and Gathering pages.

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