Roger Nelson

Coordinator of experimental work in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab, directed by Robert Jahn. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering/Applied Science, Princeton University.

Director of the Global Consciousness Project , an international, multi-laboratory collaboration (independent from the PEAR program) to develop a scientific perspective on the rich possibilities of evolutionary noogenesis.

Recent projects at PEAR:

  • You may be interested in a publication list of reprints and technical notes from the PEAR lab. Most are not now available electronically, but you may request specific items to be sent to a postal address. Abstracts for certain recent papers are online.

  • The funerals of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa were extraordinary global events that held the attention of millions of people. Twelve independent REG datasets were recorded in various places in Europe and the US. Interesting indications of an anomalous effect of this focused global consciousness are described in a web paper. A somewhat related project took advantage of a Global Event to pose the question whether there might be an anomalous effect on nominally random systems correlated with a world wide meditation organized by the Gaiamind Project on Jan 23, 1997. Another web paper is available detailing this and a subsequent, smaller global meditation.

  • Resonant consciousness in Sacred sites in Egypt was the focus of a major, hypothesis-based application in the FieldREG series of experiments, where portable random event generators (REG) are used to explore the effects of "consciousness information fields" in non-laboratory situations such as meetings, sports, and other group activities to see whether the data distribution may be responsive to the dynamics of group consciousness. A recent summary, FieldREG II details 79 independent applications, including hypothesis-based replications and an array of new explorations.

  • Weather Springtime outdoor celebrations of Alumni Reunions and Commencement at Princeton University provide a "natural experiment" to see whether the common interest in good weather might produce a positive effect.

  • Time Based Effect Size Calculations A "natural unit" is sought for comparing effect sizes across a variety of experiments at PEAR. Of several possible normalizations, the amount of time spent in the experimental task provides the most unified scaling of anomalous effects.

  • A Linear Pendulum Experiment extends the range of devices used in anomalies experiments to include analog systems. In this case the damping rate of a free-swinging pendulum is the target of operator intention.
  • A Random Mechanical Cascade Experiment
  • Meta-analysis: 30 years of REG Experiments
  • Series Position Effects in Anomalies Experiments
  • Remote Human/Machine Experiments
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  • Roger Nelson
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