Emotion and Intuition

Title Emotion and Intuition
Experimenter Mark 208 Bakker
Context Student (stage)-project University of Amsterdam. Supervisor: Prof. Bierman
Period February 97- March 97
Psi phenomenon Precognition
Dependent Vars Electro dermal activity (GSR), response times
Number of Ss 16
Description The experiment is a conceptual replication of Radin's presentiment study using within session different ratio's of extreme vs calm pictures and two different exposure times. Furthermore there is a classification task superimposed on the pictures. Interference of task performance with emotional valence is studied as a main stream psychological phenomenon while simultaneously the presponse is studied. Odd trials have an abstract (dot pattern) picture as background and are used as an intrinsic control condition.
Hypothesis 1. Response times in the classification task differe for emotional and non-emotional backgrounds. This will be stronger in the short exposure (suboptimal) condition. 2. Presponse (GSR) is larger for extreme than for calm or neutral pictures. Explorations: 1. response amplitude as a function of exposure time. 2. qualitative differences for different types of emotional material (erotic and violent)