Emotion and Intuition

Title Emotion and Intuition
Experimenter Sonja Alkema, Nando Rensen, Amanda Kaas, Gijs Plomp, Daisy Alsemgeest, Eelco Tans
Context Student-project University of Amsterdam. Supervisor: Prof. Bierman
Period February 97- April 97
Psi phenomenon Precognition
Dependent Vars Electro dermal activity
Number of Ss 32
Description The experiment is a conceptual replication of Radin's presentiment study. (an exact replication of 'emotion and intuition 1). However there is a pre-experimental baseline assessment where 'accidently' one extreme picture will be shown.
Hypothesis See emotion and intuition 1. Of course we expect that a presponse will be found too in the baseline assessment condition. There is a formal hypothesis on the difference in presponse form on erotic and violent pictures.