Emotion and Intuition I

Title Emotion and Intuition
Experimenter Dagmar van der Neut
Context Student-project University of Amsterdam. Supervisor: Prof. Bierman
Period September 96- December 96
Psi phenomenon Precognition
Dependent Vars Electro dermal activity
Number of Ss Pilota:3 - Pilot b:3 - Main:16
Description Subject will be presented with 40 pictures. Stimulus durations are randomly either 400 msec or 3 seconds. EDA is measured before, during and after stimulus presentation. Pictures are randomly 33 percent of an extreme nature and 66 percent of a calm nature. Other ratios are also explored. The experiment is a conceptual replication of Radin's presentiment study.
Hypothesis The EDA before the stimulus reflects the type (calm or extreme) of the stimulus. This effect is stronger for the near subliminal stimulus duration.

Preliminary Results The main series were completed on Nov. 15. Preliminary analyses were completed on Dec. 15. The over-all results show a clear difference in EDA before the stimulus for different type of subseuent stimuli. Click here for the overall results of the main series. The Mann Whitney U for the difference between extreme and calms for the period from 2.5 - 0.5 secs before the stimulus (which was the prespecified dependent variable for quantitative analysis) yields a z> 2.7 (p< 0.01) .As predicted, this effect is mostly confined to the near subliminaly presented pictures. Also the effect is not clearly present in the condition where the ratio between calm and extreme pictures is 1:1. This would support a 'normal' explanation in terms of differences of stimuli history leading up to either an extreme or a calm picture. However further secondary effects like qualititative differences between EDA preceding erotic and violent stimuli and even interactions of the latter effect with gender render a 'normal' explanation extremely improbable. Simulations of 'normal' explanations are in progress. A paper which also describes the research programme in progress is submitted for presentation at the PA Convention