Table 1 shows the results of the runs. Three of the 21 runs resulted in Z scores with p<.06 (two tailed). The primary analysis of interest here are the correlations between psi performance and the questionnaire responses, but it is of interest to note (post-hoc) that the binomial probability of the PK results is p=0.034 (one-tailed), thus there is some evidence for psi in this dataset.

Table 2 shows the correlations between answers to the questionnaire and psi performance in terms of |X|. The results show strong negative correlations between psi performance and belief in luck, ESP experience, and participants' belief about being able to make luck happen.

Analysis of the 25 correlations reveals that 19 are negative; the binomial probability of 19/25 negative correlations is p=0.002. However, this is not overly suprising because many of these questions are cross-correlated. What is surprising is that the "belief in luck" correlation is very strong (r = -.811), and remains significant even after a Bonferonni correction.