When asked how they defined luck, some people responded with clear "control interpretations":

Situations or opportunities that arise that I can grow or have fun. If I want something, and I throw it to the universe, then I get it. Luck is knowing what I want and making it happen.
- Female, 31, Massage Therapist

I have read the adage: "Good luck is the residue of hard work," and tend to agree with that idea. I try to be positive, happy and good, believing that this approach will optimize my opportunities for desirable outcomes, i.e., good luck.
- Male, 47, Environmental Engineer

I feel we attract events to ourselves. I can create my own luck.
- Female, 31, Secretary

A force that makes it possible for things to go one way.
- Male, 24, Student

I think that people's luck is really a result of how hard they work at what they want in life.
- Female, 54, Archaeologist

Others responded with descriptions matching the dictionary's definition of luck, i.e., "a favorable or advantageous event happening by mere chance, often unexpectedly, and not as a result of effort or merit" (Webster's, 1968):

When planets align and stars work in your favor. That is when, out of nowhere someone appears and for no reason, helps.
- Male, 30, Statistician

An outcome which you don't have any control.
- Male, 37, Engineer

Luck is a blessing from God.
- Female, 54, Accounting Clerk

Occurences beyond one's control turn out to be fortunate for the person.
- Male, 62, Biologist

Something good that happens independent of anything I am doing.
- Male, 42, Psychotherapist

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