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PK Tests with a High-Speed Random Number Generator

Helmut Schmidt

Journal of Parapsychology , 37-2, pp.105-118.


An electronic generator which could produce binary numbers (+1 and -1) at rates up to 1000 numbers per second was built and used in some PK tests. The generated numbers were displayed to the subjects acoustically or visually. The acoustical display was provided by a pair of headphones which presented each generated +1 or -1 by a click in the right or left ear, respectively, and the subject tried to obtain an increased click frequency in the target ear. The visual display was given by the ink pen of a paper chart recorder. At the beginning of the test the pen was in the center of the chart. During the test run the deflection of the pen to the right or left was given by the difference between the numbers +1 and -1 generated so far. The subject tried mentally to deflect the pen as far as possible in the target direction. Tests were done with both displays with speeds of 30 and 3000 numbers generated per second. Under all four of these conditions significant results were obtained.